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mem-oro-philia = the love of memories

What is Memorophilia?

Memorophilia is a Community Interest Company (C.I.C)  which works with older people, listening to well-loved anecdotes and making them into individual, hand-written and illustrated life-story books.  A small, friendly, family run social enterprise based in Cornwall, UK, Memorophilia hopes to make a difference by supporting those in society who could be at risk of forgetting their own story, providing a chance to pass memories down to younger generations so they will never be lost in time. You could call it befriending.....but with a book at the end!

Providing good company

The aim is to address loneliness by bringing regular, unhurried companionship to anyone who may find it useful to talk about their memories, through weekly home visits*, phone chats, or online video. A friendly, experienced, police-checked facilitator will to listen to your stories and anecdotes and note them down. If you wish, (and it is perfectly acceptable to just enjoy the chats), your words can then be  expertly written up for you and bound into a beautiful life story book for you to keep. 

Hand-crafted life-story books

At Memorophilia, we are creative artists at heart, and we specialise in individually made artist books, made by professional, experienced artists/ writers/ binders. Hand-written, individually illustrated and creatively bound memoirs, they are presented in a gift box ready for you to pass down to your family. These are one-off original artefacts and so every one is different. They can contain copies of family photographs. However, you can choose to have a few extra copies made for friends and family. They are high quality, made from sustainably produced, archival quality materials and are designed to stand the test of time.

Other life-story books

If you are after a less precious life story book for daily use we can arrange this for you. This option is suitable for use in a  care home setting, to assist with stimulating memory, and as a communication tool.  It is also suitable for those who would like many copies of their story to distribute to loved ones. You can order as many copies as you like, from 1-100+. We can even help you to self-publish.

Started writing your memoir already?

Writing your life-story is quite a commitment! Many people have begun the process only to flounder, for whatever reason, along the way. These days, there are online templates to help you, but you still need lots of time, patience, organisation and a certain amount of technical knowhow to do this.  Here at Memorophilia we can help you with this, no matter how far you are along in the process. Let us take over! Sit back while we get your dream book sorted for you.

Home Visits

You can tell us your story face-to-face in the comfort of your own home or care home

Remote Meetings

Tell us your story via regular pre-arranged online video chats or phone calls

Meet the Team

Simon Nicholls  MSc

Simon is a scientist who has a special empathy with carers, having found himself in that role for many years, looking after a family member. His years in academia have honed his exceptional eye for detail, which means he makes the perfect proof reader and historic researcher for Memorophilia. 

Jane Nicholls MA, PGCE (PCET)

 Founder of Memorophilia C.I.C.

Jane is a professional artist, writer, bookbinder, interviewer , tutor and workshop facilitator with extensive experience within elderly healthcare settings, including the NHS. She particularly enjoys working with people living with dementia and their carers as well as facilitating intergenerational and other creative workshops in schools. 

Amy Sarcevic BSc

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Annie Cooper

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Why write your story?

Film by Anne Marie Balla

There are many reasons to consider getting one's life down on paper and made into a book. In this short film the lovely Connie explains her reasons for deciding to do just that. In her nineties and thankfully with no issues with her memory, she had always planned to write her memoirs but now has difficulty writing now due to arthritis in her hands. Her story was written for her in her own words and in her own distinctive voice. Connie has given her permission for us to share this video.

Our products & services


a listening ear

Tell your story at your own pace in regular relaxed, unhurried interviews. Your patient, encouraging interviewer is sitting comfortably....all you need to do is begin!


There are endless choices of styles, colours, content and format to choose from. The style of book will reflect  your personality, your wishes, and the story within. 

ART ACTIVITY DAYS intergenerational

& writing workshops

Creative workshops, courses and  meaningful activity days all designed with the aim of stimulating memories in mind.



other gifts

What people have said ...

Delia, daughter of one of our life story book recipients

'Mum often gets quite depressed in the period after Christmas and this regular contact did her a lot of good.

She is really pleased with her book and loves showing it to everybody.

Very Revd. Michael Moxon, Dean of Truro Cathedral

'We have been privileged to have someone of Jane's ability and perception working among us. All of us at the Cathedral are enormously grateful for what she has given us.

Dr Rebecca Reid,

Clinical Psychologist

Garner Complex Care & Dementia Ward, Bodmin Hospital

'Apart from being a wonderful artist .... Jane has provided a really meaningful activity on the ward. Patients always engage well with Jane's endlessly kind and gentle approach.

Thank you Jane,'

St Just & St Mawes Heritage Group 

'The flags and the storybooks that you facilitated at St Mawes School were enjoyed by all. Thank you very much for your input into our project.

Contact Us

Memorophilia.C.I.C., Pennare Barn, Veryan, Truro, Cornwall, TR2 5PH, U.K.

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