Which kind of interview is for me?


Standard Interview Sessions 

These sessions are a relaxed and enjoyable way for me to learn about your life. You begin the process by contacting me at Memorophilia for a chat to arrange the interviews, and buy your 15 hours before you start. Your remaining hours can be arranged at your convenience at the end of each session (usually one-and-a-half hours long), or all booked in at once. The interviews can be conducted via Skype if you do not live in Cornwall, U.K.

As your interviewer I will put you at ease, prompting you with encouragement, sensitivity, and the absence of any judgement. We can then begin building up a picture of your life and your character to be written into your biography. As your interviews progress, you will be able to discuss the format your book will take. You will be able to choose from several  equally stylish options.

Reminiscence Activity Sessions 

These sessions are activities in their own right. You don't even have to decide about having a book made until later. If you end up just having the activities, that is fine! Using prompting aids, quizzes and games, I will make sure we have a great time whilst accessing the memories and anecdotes you may later want to record in your book. 

These face-to-face sessions are perfect for individuals, or couples, and can include whole families, or groups of friends to contribute with their own memories concerning you.  What a good excuse for a get-together! You are encouraged to invite along people who know you well and that you trust, for your own reassurance.

It may be possible for me to arrange for distant friends and family to contribute via live video. A great and easy way to reminisce with loved ones as though they were in the room with you.

Just give me a quick call, and we can take it from there. If you decide you want to go ahead, you will be asked to buy your 10 weeks (15 hours total) before we start.

Face-to-face sessions are available in Cornwall, U.K. only at present.

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