About me

Jane Nicholls M.A.

Interviewer , writer, artist and founder of Memorophilia C.I.C.

 I am a qualified author/ illustrator who loves bookbinding. My  degree is in Fine Art,  and I have an MA in Authorial Illustration. I am based in Cornwall, UK.

I was moved to set up my social enterprise 'Memorophilia' (the love of memories) after  spending time working as a healthcare assistant both in the community and on an NHS dementia ward, as well as in response to my own father's diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, which has left him with a much reduced ability to communicate.

My time spent in my local rural community as a domestic healthcare assistant made me

realise that in my own small community alone, there are many lonely, isolated, housebound people, living each day with no interaction with the outside world, other than a rushed visit from carers.

As a domestic carer, you simply don't have time to talk for long, as you know that someone else is waiting for you. You don't have time to listen,  even when you know that people need to talk.

 People who have lived the most extraordinary lives, and who arguably have forgotten more than their carers (myself included) will ever know, feel diminished


and forgotten. They need people to know who they really are. I believe that elderly wisdom is to be revered. and that the older members of our communities should be cherished.

It is my aim to provide a means to convey the knowledge and memories that they are holding on to, and to provide interview  sessions which are enjoyable and therapeutic in their own right.

I love transforming the fascinating life stories which I am privileged to hear into tangible, lovingly made artefacts to keep, meaning that those memories will live on to be enjoyed for years to come.


To see examples of my work and workshops as a Fine artist, visit my artist website

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